Palmpay USSD Code 2024 for Transfer, Balance, Airtime & More…

Palmpay new USSD Code Transfer Another Number

Palmpay USSD Code 2024: Your Handy Guide to Mobile Transactions without Internet.

Ever needed to send money to a friend, buy airtime, or check your Palmpay balance but didn’t have an internet connection? Well, fret no more! Palmpay’s USSD code comes to the rescue, allowing you to perform essential transactions directly from your phone.

About Palmpay USSD Code in Nigeria

Palmpay’s USSD code is a game-changer for anyone who uses the mobile payment platform in Nigeria. USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, provides a menu-driven interface accessible through your phone’s dialer. With Palmpay’s USSD code, you can manage your account and conduct transactions even without an internet connection.

What is the Palmpay USSD Code 2024?

The good news is, the Palmpay USSD code remains the same for 2024 – it’s a convenient *652#. Simply dial this code on your phone and press the call button to access the Palmpay USSD menu.

Here’s a quick example: Imagine you need to check your Palmpay balance. Dial *652# and press call. You’ll see a menu with various options. Select “Check Balance,” and voila! Your current Palmpay balance will be displayed on your screen.

All PalmPaly USSD Code in Nigeria for All Transactions

TaskNew PalmPay USSD CodeDescription
Main Menu*652#Accesses the Palmpay USSD menu with various options for managing your account.
Check Balance*652# -> Select “Check Balance”Displays your current Palmpay balance.
Transfer Money*652# -> Select “Transfer”Initiates a money transfer to another phone number or bank account (might require additional information).
Buy Airtime*652# -> Select “Buy Airtime”Allows you to top up your phone or someone else’s phone with airtime. Choose network provider and amount.
Buy Data*652# -> Select “Buy Data”Purchase a data plan for your preferred network provider.


  • While the core code *652# applies to all functions, some options within the USSD menu might require additional selections based on your specific transaction (e.g., choosing recipient’s bank for transfers).
  • There isn’t a dedicated USSD code for applying for loans through Palmpay. Check the Palmpay app for loan options.
  • Some banks might offer specific USSD codes for transferring directly to Palmpay accounts. Contact your bank or check the Palmpay app for these specific codes.

Palmpay USSD Transfer Code

Do you want to send or transfer some money to a close friend or family member? Palmpay’s USSD code has you covered!

Palmpay USSD Code to Transfer Money to Another Number

  1. Dial *652# and press call.
  2. From the menu, select “Transfer.”
  3. Choose “Transfer to Phone Number.”
  4. Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  5. Select the recipient’s bank (if applicable).
  6. Input the amount you want to transfer.
  7. Enter your Palmpay PIN to confirm the transaction.

Palmpay USSD Code for Transfer

There might be specific USSD codes designated by some banks to facilitate transfers directly into your Palmpay account. These codes are often called Palmpay deposit codes. If your bank offers this option, you’ll find the specific code on the Palmpay app or by contacting Palmpay’s customer service.

Palmpay USSD Code to Check Balance

Keeping track of your funds is easy with the Palmpay USSD code.

Palmpay USSD Code for Balance

  1. Dial *652# and press call.
  2. Select “Check Balance” from the menu.
  3. Your current Palmpay balance will be displayed on your screen.

Palmpay USSD Code to Buy Airtime

Running low on airtime? Top up your phone directly through the Palmpay USSD code.

How to Buy Airtime with Palmpay USSD Code

  1. Dial *652# and press call.
  2. Select “Buy Airtime.”
  3. Enter your phone number or the recipient’s number if topping up someone else’s phone.
  4. Choose your preferred network provider (MTN, Airtel, Glo, etc.).
  5. Select the desired airtime amount.
  6. Confirm the transaction with your Palmpay PIN.

Palmpay USSD Code to Buy Data

Need a data boost? Palmpay’s USSD code lets you purchase data plans conveniently.

Steps to Buy Data with Palmpay USSD Code

  1. Dial *652# and press call.
  2. Select “Buy Data.”
  3. Choose your preferred network provider.
  4. Now, pick the data plan you wish to buy.
  5. Confirm the transaction using your Palmpay PIN.

Palmpay USSD Code for MTN (and Other Networks)

The core Palmpay USSD code (*652#) applies to all networks in Nigeria, including MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile. When buying airtime or data, you’ll simply select your preferred network provider within the USSD menu.

Palmpay USSD Code for Loan

Currently, there isn’t a dedicated Palmpay USSD code specifically for applying for loans. However, you can check the Palmpay app for loan options and application processes.


The Palmpay USSD code is a valuable tool for managing your Palmpay account and conducting transactions on the go, even without an internet connection. Remember the core code *652# and explore the menu options to perform actions like checking balance, transferring money, buying airtime and data. With this guide and the Palmpay USSD code at your fingertips, managing your mobile payments in Nigeria becomes a breeze!