Can PalmPay Receive Money from Abroad (Other Countries) to Nigeria?

Can PalmPay Receive Money from Abroad (Other Countries) to Nigeria?

Can PalmPay Receive Money from Abroad (Other Countries) to Nigeria?

Palmpay has become a popular mobile money platform in Nigeria, offering various convenient features for users to send and receive funds, pay bills, and even shop online. But can you use Palmpay to receive money from abroad, specifically from other countries to Nigeria? Let’s look into this question and explore alternative options if Palmpay doesn’t fulfill your needs.

PalmPay Receiving Money from Other Countries

Palmpay is a mobile wallet service launched in Nigeria in 2019. It allows users to link their bank accounts to the platform for seamless mo management. With Palmpay, you can:

While Palmpay offers these functionalities, it currently has limitations regarding receiving money internationally.

Can I Receive Money from Abroad to My PalmPay Account?

Unfortunately, as of today, Palmpay does not support receiving money from abroad. This means you cannot directly receive funds sent from individuals or businesses located outside Nigeria into your Palmpay account.

There are a few reasons behind this limitation. Palmpay is still a relatively new platform, and its primary focus is currently on facilitating domestic transactions within Nigeria. Additionally, regulations and compliance requirements for international money transfers can be complex, and Palmpay might be in the process of establishing necessary partnerships and infrastructure to handle such transactions in the future.

Alternative Options for Receiving Money to PalmPay from Abroad in Nigeria

While you cannot use Palmpay for international money transfers yet, here are some alternative options to receive money from abroad to Nigeria:

  • Money Transfer Services: Popular money transfer services like Western Union, WorldRemit, and MoneyGram offer reliable and convenient ways to receive funds from various countries. You can typically collect the money in cash at designated agent locations or have it deposited directly into your Nigerian bank account.
  • Domiciliary Accounts: Many Nigerian banks allow you to open a domiciliary account in a foreign currency, such as USD, EUR, or GBP. This enables you to receive international transfers directly into your account, but keep in mind that associated fees and exchange rates might apply.

FAQs: PalmPay Receiving Money from Abroad

Palmpay is currently only available for users in Nigeria.

How can I receive money from another country to Nigeria?

You can use money transfer services like Western Union, WorldRemit, or MoneyGram, or have the funds sent directly to your Nigerian bank account through a domiciliary account.

Which mobile app can I use currently, to receive dollars in Nigeria?

While Palmpay doesn’t support receiving dollars directly, options like WorldRemit and OPay (with limitations) offer international money transfer services. Additionally, banks with domiciliary accounts can facilitate receiving foreign currency.

Can I receive money from USA to my Palmpay account?

No, currently, Palmpay does not support receiving money from any international source, including the USA.

How can I receive money from USA to Nigeria?

Popular money transfer services like Western Union and WorldRemit offer reliable options to receive money from the USA to Nigeria. Additionally, you can explore receiving funds into a domiciliary account held by a Nigerian bank.

Can Ghana use Palmpay?

No, Palmpay is not currently available in Ghana.

Can I use Palmpay to send money abroad?

Currently, Palmpay only allows sending and receiving money within Nigeria. This means you cannot use your Palmpay account to send money to individuals or businesses located outside the country. As with receiving money from abroad, the limitations for sending money internationally are likely due to Palmpay’s focus on domestic transactions and the complexities involved in international money transfer regulations.

Is Palmpay available in Ghana?

No, Palmpay is currently not available in Ghana. Its services are currently limited to users residing in Nigeria.


While Palmpay offers various functionalities for managing your fi within Nigeria, it currently lacks the capability to receive money from abroad. However, several alternative options like money transfer services and domiciliary accounts can help you receive international funds in Nigeria. As Palmpay continues to grow and develop, it’s possible that international money transfer features might be introduced in the future.

In the meantime, you can explore the alternative options mentioned above to fulfill your needs for receiving money from abroad to Nigeria.