How to Download Statement of Account on Palmpay

How to Download Statement of Account on Palmpay

Learn how to download statement of account on palmpay.

Ever need a record of your Palmpay transactions? Maybe you’re applying for a loan or reconciling. Whatever the reason, downloading your Palmpay statement of account is simple!

How to Download Statement of Account on Palmpay

Accessing Your Transaction History

Now, let’s dive into the steps! Open the Palmpay app and head to the “Me” section. This is typically located in the bottom right corner of your screen. Once you’re in the “Me” section, find the “Transaction History” option. Tapping on this will display a comprehensive list of all your Palmpay transactions.

Downloading Your Statement

With your transaction history displayed, you’ll see a “Download” button conveniently placed at the top right corner of the screen. That’s your ticket to getting your statement! Here’s where things get even better: Palmpay allows you to customize your download to fit your specific needs.

Filtering and Download Options: Tailoring Your Statement

Need a record of everything? Select “All Transactions” during the download process. Perhaps you’re just interested in incoming funds. No problem! Choose “Credits Only” to download a statement reflecting only your deposits. On the other hand, if you’re tracking your spending, “Debits Only” will provide a clear picture.

Specifying the Date Range: Focusing on What Matters

Palmpay understands that you might not need your entire transaction history. That’s why they offer the option to specify a date range for your downloaded statement. Simply choose from options like “Last Month,” “Last 3 Months,” or select a custom date range to target a specific period.

Additional Palmpay Account Management Tips

While downloading your statement provides a handy record for future reference, the beauty of the Palmpay app is that your transaction history is always readily available within the app itself.

Palmpay Customer Care: When You Need a Helping Hand

For any further questions or assistance you might encounter while managing your Palmpay account, their customer care team is there to help!

Important Note: Keeping it Palmpay-Specific

This guide is focused on navigating the Palmpay app and its features. If you’re looking for information on downloading statements from Opay, you’ll need to consult their specific resources.

Now that you’ve mastered downloading your Palmpay statement of account, you’re empowered to keep your records organized and readily available!