How to Hide Number on MTN

How to Hide Number on MTN

Unveiling the Cloak: A Definitive Guide on Hiding Your Number on MTN

Ever wished you could make a call without your number flashing on the recipient’s screen? Whether for a surprise prank, sensitive business deals, or simply personal privacy, hiding your caller ID on MTN is more accessible than you think.

This comprehensive guide explores various methods, their pros and cons, and helps you choose the approach that best suits your needs. So, buckle up and get ready to embrace the power of invisibility (at least, digitally speaking)!

Why Hide Your Number?

There are numerous reasons why someone might want to hide their number on MTN:

Privacy: Shield your identity from unknown callers or protect your number from being shared unintentionally.

Security: Avoid unwanted marketing calls or scams that target specific numbers.

Surprise: Add a layer of mystery to prank calls or deliveries, making the reveal even more exciting.

Business: Conduct anonymous market research or handle sensitive negotiations without revealing your personal information.

Understanding Caller ID Blocking Services

Before diving into the methods, let’s clarify what “hiding your number” actually means. MTN offers various services and techniques that achieve this, but it’s crucial to understand their limitations:

  • You hide your caller ID, not your entire identity. The recipient might still be able to identify you through other means, like call logs or caller ID apps.
  • These services don’t prevent your call from being tracked or recorded. MTN, law enforcement, or other authorized entities might still have access to call data.

Now, let’s explore the tools at your disposal!

Methods How to Hide Number on MTN

MTN offers various ways to hide your number, each with its own advantages and limitations. No, let’s begin with the most first method:

The Mighty USSD Code: #31# – Your One-Time Invisibility Cloak

The simplest and most common method is the #31# code. Here’s how it works:

  • Dial #31# followed by the recipient’s phone number. For example, dial #31#0812345678 and press call.
  • Your number will be hidden for that specific call only. This method doesn’t offer permanent anonymity.
  • It’s free and readily available, making it a convenient choice for occasional use.


  • Temporary: Requires redialing the code for each call.
  • Not foolproof: Some caller ID apps might still display your number.

Calling Forwarding Magic: Diverting Calls with Hidden Identity

Want to hide your number for all incoming calls but still receive them? Consider call forwarding with caller ID blocking:

  • Activate call forwarding on your MTN line. Dial 21desired forwarding number# and press send. This diverts all calls to the chosen number.
  • Enable caller ID blocking on the forwarding number. This hides your original number when the forwarded call connects.
  • Remember to deactivate call forwarding when you no longer need it. Dial ##21# and press send.


  • Requires setting up and managing two separate numbers.
  • Might incur charges depending on your call forwarding plan.

Prepaid Magic: Dedicated SIM Cards for Discretion

For ultimate privacy, consider a dedicated MTN SIM card solely for making hidden calls:

  • Purchase a new MTN SIM card specifically for this purpose.
  • Activate and recharge the SIM card as needed.
  • Use the #31# code or other methods to hide your number on this dedicated line.


  • Requires additional cost for the SIM card and recharge.
  • Managing multiple SIM cards can be inconvenient.

App Avenue: Exploring Third-Party Caller ID Masking Apps

Several third-party apps offer caller ID masking functionalities:

  • Popular options include Truecaller, Should I Answer, and Burner.
  • Features vary by app, including one-time masking, permanent blocking, and even virtual phone numbers.
  • Carefully review app permissions and privacy policies before using.


  • Apps require installation and may consume data.
  • Security and privacy concerns around data collection and usage exist.

Advanced Techniques To Hide Your Number On MTN

Looking for more advanced options? Explore these:

Subscription Services: MTN Caller ID Blocking Service MTN offers a subscription service for permanent caller ID blocking.

  • Activate through USSD code, website, or customer care.
  • Monthly charges apply.

International Considerations: Hiding Your Number When Calling Abroad Hiding your number when calling abroad depends on the destination country’s regulations.

  • Roaming charges might apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the recipient still identify me if I hide my number? Yes, potentially. They might use call logs, caller ID apps, or other methods.

Are there any charges for hiding my number on MTN? Most methods are free, except for the subscription service and potential roaming charges.

What if I accidentally hide my number for all calls? Deactivate the service depending on the method used. For example, dial 31# to disable #31# code functionality.

Are there any legal implications of hiding my number? No, as long as you use it for legitimate purposes.

What are some alternative ways to maintain privacy while calling? Consider using anonymous messaging apps, burner phones, or public payphones for truly private communication.

How do I hide my number on MTN?

To hide your number on MTN, you can activate the caller ID restriction feature. This prevents your number from being displayed on the recipient’s phone when you make a call.

Can I hide my number on MTN temporarily?

Yes, you can hide your number on MTN temporarily by activating the caller ID restriction feature before making each call. This allows you to conceal your number for specific calls as needed.

How do I activate caller ID restriction on MTN?

To activate caller ID restriction on MTN, simply dial the code *31# followed by the recipient’s number you wish to call. This will hide your caller ID for that specific call.

Is there a charge for hiding my number on MTN?

MTN typically does not charge an additional fee for hiding your number through caller ID restriction. However, it’s advisable to check with your service provider for any specific terms or conditions that may apply.

Can I hide my number on MTN for international calls?

Yes, you can hide your number on MTN for international calls by using the caller ID restriction feature. Simply dial the appropriate code (*31#) followed by the country code and recipient’s number to conceal your caller ID.

Will hiding my number on MTN affect my ability to receive calls?

No, hiding your number on MTN only affects outgoing calls. Your ability to receive calls remains unaffected, and incoming callers will still be able to see your number unless they have activated a similar caller ID restriction feature on their end.

How do I know if my number is hidden when making a call on MTN?

You can verify that your number is hidden when making a call on MTN by checking for the absence of your caller ID on the recipient’s phone display. If your number is successfully hidden, it will appear as “Unknown” or “Private Number” on the recipient’s screen.

Can I hide my number permanently on MTN?

MTN typically does not offer a permanent option to hide your number. However, you can manually activate caller ID restriction before each call to conceal your number temporarily.

Will hiding my number on MTN affect emergency calls?

No, hiding your number on MTN should not affect your ability to make emergency calls. Emergency services will still be able to identify your number even if you have activated caller ID restriction.

How do I deactivate caller ID restriction on MTN?

To deactivate caller ID restriction on MTN and display your number when making calls, dial the code #31# before the recipient’s number. This will revert your caller ID to its default setting and show your number on outgoing calls.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Method for You

The best method for hiding your number on MTN depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like frequency of use, budget, and desired level of privacy.

Remember, each method has its limitations, so choose wisely and responsibly. Now, go forth and make your calls with newfound anonymity!

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