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New Glo Night Plan 2024 & Activation Codes

Why Choose Glo Night Plan?

Staying connected at night shouldn’t be a hassle, especially when you’re a night owl or have limited regular data. If you’re a Globacom subscriber in Nigeria, the Glo Night Plan is your answer to worry-free nighttime browsing and downloads. This handy guide will unveil everything you need to know about Glo Night Plans, from understanding your data needs to activating the perfect plan and maximizing your experience.

Understanding Your Data Needs at Night

Before diving into the plan options, it’s essential to understand your individual data requirements at night. Consider these factors:

  • Typical activities: Do you mainly browse social media, stream music, or watch videos? Each activity consumes different data amounts.
  • Duration of usage: How many hours do you typically use data at night?
  • Number of devices: Will you be using the data on one device or multiple devices?

By reflecting on these aspects, you can estimate your average nighttime data consumption and choose the Glo Night Plan that best suits you.

Cost-Effectiveness Compared to Regular Plans

Let’s compare the cost-effectiveness of Glo Night Plans with regular data plans:

Scenario: You typically use 2GB of data per night for browsing and social media.

  • Glo Night Plan (1GB for N200): You can activate two plans (2GB total) for N400, offering significant savings compared to regular data plans with similar data amounts.
  • Regular Data Plan (2GB for N1,000): This option costs N600 more than using two Glo Night Plans.

As you can see, Glo Night Plans can be considerably more economical for dedicated nighttime data users.

Unveiling the Glo Night Plan Options

Globacom offers two exciting Glo Night Plan options:

1. The Mighty 1GB for N200

  • Ideal for light to moderate data users who browse, check emails, and use social media at night.
  • Perfect for catching up on news, updates, and quick online tasks.

2. The Gigantic 3GB for N500

  • Catered to heavy data users who enjoy streaming music, videos, or working on data-intensive tasks at night.
  • Provides ample data for extended online sessions and entertainment.

How To Activate Your Glo Night Plan:

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect Glo Night Plan, let’s dive into the simple activation process:

1. Dialing USSD Codes:

  • 1GB for N200: Dial *777#, select “1 (Data Plan),” then “1 (Night Plan),” and finally “1 (1GB Night Plan).”
  • 3GB for N500: Dial *777#, select “1 (Data Plan),” then “1 (Night Plan),” and finally “2 (3GB Night Plan).”

2. Sending SMS Activation Requests:

  • 1GB for N200: Send “60” to the shortcode “127.”
  • 3GB for N500: Send “61” to the shortcode “127.”

3. Globacom App:

  • Download the Globacom app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Log in with your Globacom number and password.
  • Go to “Data Plans” section, then choose “Night Plan.”
  • Choose your preferred plan (1GB or 3GB) and complete the activation process.

Tip: Ensure you have sufficient airtime balance to cover the plan cost before activation.

Maximizing Your Glo Night Plan Experience

Get the most out of your Glo Night Plan by following these tips:

1. Select the Right Night Plan for You

Don’t overspend! Analyze your typical data usage and select the plan that aligns with your requirements.

2. Schedule Downloads and Updates

Set automatic downloads and updates for apps and software to occur during the night plan activation period (12 AM to 5 AM).

3. Prioritize Data-Heavy Activities

Use the plan for activities that consume the most data, like streaming, gaming, or large file downloads.

4. Monitor Your Data Usage

Dial *127*0# to check your remaining Glo Night Plan data and avoid exceeding your limit.

5. Utilize Wi-Fi When Available

Connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible to conserve your Glo Night Plan data for mobile use on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the activation codes for Glo Night Plans?

  • 1GB for N200: Dial *777#, select “1 (Data Plan),” then “1 (Night Plan),” and finally “1 (1GB Night Plan).” OR Send “60” to “127.”
  • 3GB for N500: Dial *777#, select “1 (Data Plan),” then “1 (Night Plan),” and finally “2 (3GB Night Plan).” OR Send “61” to “127.”

How can I check my remaining Glo Night Plan data?

Dial *127*0# to check your data balance.

Can I use the Glo Night Plan data during the day?

No, the Glo Night Plan data is only valid for use between 12 AM and 5 AM. Data usage outside this timeframe will be deducted from your regular data plan or airtime balance.

What happens if my Glo Night Plan data runs out before 5 AM?

Any data usage after your plan expires will be charged from your regular data plan or airtime balance.

Are there any other night data plans offered by Glo?

Currently, Globacom only offers these two Glo Night Plan options. You can check their website or app for updates on future offerings.

Where can I find more information about Glo Night Plans?

Visit the Globacom website ( or contact their customer care for further assistance.

What is the Glo Night Plan?

The Glo Night Plan is a special data subscription offered by Glo, a telecommunications company. It provides users with affordable data packages specifically designed for nighttime use, allowing subscribers to enjoy more data at lower rates during off-peak hours.

What are the benefits of subscribing to the Glo Night Plan?

Subscribing to the Glo Night Plan offers cost-effective data options, enabling users to enjoy more data for less during the night. This plan is ideal for individuals who have data-intensive activities or downloads planned during off-peak hours.

When does the Glo Night Plan become active?

The Glo Night Plan typically becomes active from 12:00 AM (midnight) and lasts until 5:00 AM. This allows subscribers to make the most of their data allocation during the designated off-peak hours.

How can I subscribe to the Glo Night Plan?

To subscribe to the Glo Night Plan, you can dial the designated USSD code or use the Glo self-care portal. Simply follow the prompts, choose the night plan option, and select your preferred data package.

Can I use the Glo Night Plan during the day?

No, the Glo Night Plan is specifically designed for nighttime use and is only active between 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM. Attempting to use the plan outside of these hours may result in regular data charges.

What data packages are available under the Glo Night Plan?

Glo offers a variety of data packages under the Night Plan, ranging from smaller data allocations for light users to larger plans for those with more extensive data needs. Check the Glo website or contact customer support for the most up-to-date package options.

Is the Glo Night Plan available for all Glo subscribers?

Yes, the Glo Night Plan is available for all Glo subscribers. Whether you are on a prepaid or postpaid plan, you can easily subscribe to the Night Plan and enjoy its benefits.

Can I roll over my unused data from Glo Night Plan?

No, unused data from the Glo Night Plan does not roll over to the next night. It is advisable to choose a data package that suits your needs for the specific night, as any remaining data will not be carried over.

Are there any restrictions on the type of content I can access with the Glo Night Plan?

No, the Glo Night Plan allows subscribers to access all types of content, including browsing, streaming, and downloads. However, it is important to adhere to Glo’s terms of service and acceptable use policies.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my Glo Night Plan?

If you experience any challenges with your Glo Night Plan, such as difficulties in subscribing or issues with data connectivity, it is recommended to contact Glo customer support for assistance. They can provide prompt and effective solutions to address your concerns.


With Glo Night Plans, you can say goodbye to data worries and embrace a world of nighttime connectivity. Choose the plan that suits you, activate it effortlessly, and follow the tips to maximize your experience. Remember, night owls and data-savvy users, Glo Night Plans are your key to unlocking a world of possibilities after dark!

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