How to Get Palmpay ATM (QR) Card in Nigeria

How to Get Palmpay ATM (QR) Card in Nigeria

In today’s post, you will learn How to Get Palmpay ATM (QR) Card in Nigeria.

PalmPay is a leading mobile payment platform in Nigeria, offering various convenient features. While PalmPay doesn’t currently offer traditional ATM cards, they do provide a secure and versatile alternative: the PalmPay QR Card. This article uncovers everything you need to know about obtaining and using your PalmPay QR Card in Nigeria.

What is a PalmPay QR Card?

Unlike a traditional ATM card with a magnetic strip, a PalmPay QR Card is a physical card with a unique QR code printed on it. This code acts as your identifier for cashless transactions. You can use your QR Card for various purposes, including:

  • Making payments: Scan the QR code at participating merchants and online stores to pay for goods and services quickly and securely.
  • Withdrawing cash: Visit verified PalmPay POS agents, Kudi agents, or Opay agents to withdraw cash using your QR Card.
  • Transferring funds: Easily send mo to other PalmPay users or bank accounts directly from your PalmPay app using your QR Card.

QR Card vs. ATM Card: What is the Difference?

While both cards offer access to your funds, there are key differences between a PalmPay QR Card and a traditional ATM card:

  • Functionality: ATM cards primarily function at ATMs for cash withdrawals and balance inquiries. QR Cards, on the other hand, offer a wider range of functionalities, including payments, withdrawals, and transfers.
  • Physical features: ATM cards have a magnetic strip and sometimes a chip for reading information. QR Cards, however, rely on a scannable QR code for identification.

How to Get Your PalmPay ATM (QR) Card in Nigeria

There are two convenient ways to get your PalmPay QR Card:

1. Through a Verified PalmPay Agent:

  • Locate a verified PalmPay agent near you. You can find a list of agents within the PalmPay app itself.
  • Inform the agent that you want to request a QR Card.
  • Provide your basic information, including your name, phone number, and a valid ID.
  • The agent will scan a new QR Card for you and record your information.
  • They will then activate the card and link it to your PalmPay account.

2. Through the PalmPay App:

  • Open PalmPay app, then sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to the “Cards” section within the app.
  • Now, select “Order QR Card” and then, follow the prompt.
  • You will need to provide your delivery address and confirm your order.
  • A delivery fee might apply, and the estimated delivery time will be displayed.
  • Once you receive your QR Card, activate it within the PalmPay app by following the provided instructions.

Activating Your PalmPay ATM (QR) Card

Activating your PalmPay QR Card is a simple process:

  • Use the PalmPay app, the log in.
  • Next, find “Cards”, then select “My QR Cards.”
  • Choose the option “Activate QR Card.”
  • You can either scan the QR code printed on your card or enter the card number manually.
  • Create a secure PIN for your QR Card. Remember to keep your PIN confidential.
  • Confirm the activation process by following any additional prompts on the app.

Once activated, your PalmPay QR Card is ready to use!

Using Your PalmPay QR (ATM) Card

Here’s how you can use your PalmPay QR Card for various transactions:

Making Payments:

  • Look for the PalmPay logo or QR code displayed at participating merchants or online stores.
  • Open the PalmPay app and scan the QR code with your phone’s camera.
  • Now, type-in the payment amount, then verify the transaction.
  • You’ll get a message on your phone saying the payment went through.

Withdrawing Cash:

  • Visit a verified PalmPay POS agent, Kudi agent, or Opay agent displaying the PalmPay logo.
  • Inform the agent that you want to withdraw cash using your PalmPay QR Card.
  • Provide your QR Card and any additional information required by the agent.
  • Enter your PIN when prompted on the agent’s device.
  • Confirm the withdrawal amount and collect your cash.

Transferring Funds:

  • Use your PalmPay app, then sign in.
  • Now, locate and select “Transfer”. Then, select “QR Code Transfer”.
  • Scan the recipient’s PalmPay QR Code or enter their PalmPay account number.
  • Enter the transfer amount and a message (optional).
  • Confirm the transfer and enter your PIN for verification.
  • The recipient will receive the transferred funds instantly.

Important Reminders and Security Tips:

  • Never share your PalmPay QR Card PIN with anyone. Treat it with the same caution as your ATM card PIN.
  • Never share your QR Code with untrusted sources or websites. Be cautious of individuals claiming to be PalmPay representatives and requesting your personal information or PIN.
  • If you lose your QR Card, report it immediately within the PalmPay app to prevent unauthorized use. You can also block the card and request a replacement.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of the PalmPay app installed on your device for optimal security and functionality.


Now, you can easily get and use your PalmPay QR Card for various cashless transactions in Nigeria. Enjoy.