iPhone XR Price in Nigeria UK Used vs. Other Options 2024

UK Used iPhone XR Price

iPhone XR Price in Nigeria UK Used: Looking for a stylish and powerful iPhone XR at a great price in Nigeria? You might be considering a UK used model. But before you dive in, let’s explore the price range for UK used iPhones XR alongside other options to help you make the best choice.

About UK Used iPhone XR in Nigeria

When considering a UK used iPhone XR in Nigeria, it’s essential to understand what you’re getting. You might wonder, “What exactly is a UK used iPhone XR?” A UK used iPhone XR is a device that someone previously owned across the pond in the United Kingdom and has now found its way to Nigeria. It’s like giving a new life to a phone that has journeyed afar.

Now, why would you consider getting one? The main draw is the price. See, when a phone has been used, it often comes at a lower cost compared to its fresh-out-of-the-box counterparts. So, if you’re eyeing that sleek iPhone XR but don’t want to break the bank, a UK used one might be your golden ticket.

But hold on a sec! Before you dive headfirst into purchasing, take a moment to assess the phone’s condition. You wouldn’t want to end up with a lemon, right? That’s why it’s crucial to scrutinize every nook and cranny, checking for any signs of wear and tear. Look out for scratches, dents, or any technical issues that might dampen your iPhone experience.

Now, while the price might be tempting, it’s essential to ensure that the device is in good working order. After all, you want your iPhone XR to be your trusty companion, not a source of frustration. So, before sealing the deal, give it a thorough once-over to make sure it meets your expectations.

iPhone XR Price in Nigeria (UK Used vs. New)

When it comes to snagging an iPhone XR in Nigeria, the price can fluctuate based on various factors, and let me tell you, it’s not just a simple sticker price. Oh no, there’s a whole dance of considerations to factor in.

Here’s a general breakdown of iPhone XR prices in Nigeria:

  • UK Used iPhone XR (64GB): ₦140,000 – ₦160,000
  • UK Used iPhone XR (128GB): ₦170,000 – ₦185,000
  • UK Used iPhone XR (256GB): ₦185,000 – ₦200,000
  • Brand New iPhone XR (through authorized retailers): Price may not be readily available due to the phone being a few generations old, but likely more expensive than used options.

Let’s start with storage capacity, shall we? Picture this: the more gigabytes crammed into that sleek device, the heavier it is on your wallet. That means you’ll be shelling out a bit more for the 128GB or 256GB models compared to the humble 64GB one. But hey, more space for your pics, apps, and cat videos, right?

Now, onto condition. Imagine stumbling upon a UK used XR – it might have a few battle scars, but it’ll likely be lighter on your pocket than a brand spankin’ new one. But hold your horses; the price dance doesn’t stop there. Oh no, it’s also about where you snag it from. Whether you’re browsing through online marketplaces like Jiji or strolling through brick-and-mortar shops, prices can do the cha-cha between them.

So, what’s the damage, you ask? For a UK used XR with 64GB, you’re looking at around ₦140,000 to ₦160,000. Bump that storage up to 128GB, and you’re shelling out ₦170,000 to ₦185,000. And if you’re feeling extra fancy with a 256GB model, prepare to part ways with ₦185,000 to ₦200,000.

As for spanking new ones through authorized retailers, well, the price tag’s a bit elusive due to the XR being a few generations old. But let’s just say, it’s probably pricier than its pre-loved counterparts.

Now, if you’re itching for specifics, you can always scout through platforms like Jiji.ng, Slot.ng, or peek at listings on jumia.com.ng.

iPhone XR Price on Jiji (New and Used)

When browsing through Jiji, whether you’re in the market for a brand-new iPhone XR or considering a pre-owned one, there’s a plethora of options awaiting you. Whether you’re an enthusiast seeking the latest model or a budget-conscious buyer eyeing a deal, Jiji’s got you covered. As you navigate through the listings, you’ll notice the diverse range of iPhones available at your fingertips. From pristine, untouched devices straight out of the box to gently used ones that still pack a punch, the choices are aplenty.

When it comes to finding the perfect iPhone XR on Jiji, utilizing the platform’s filters becomes your best friend. You can tailor your search based on your preferences, whether it’s the device’s condition, storage capacity, or price point. By doing so, you streamline your browsing experience, ensuring that you’re presented with options that align perfectly with what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re browsing during your morning commute or leisurely scrolling during your downtime, Jiji provides a convenient platform to explore and compare iPhone XR listings. So, whether you’re eager to snag a brand-new device or hunting for a bargain on a pre-owned gem, dive into Jiji’s listings today and discover the iPhone XR that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

iPhone XR 128gb Price (UK Used)

When considering purchasing a UK used iPhone XR 128GB in Nigeria, you might be wondering about the price range. Well, I’ve got some insights for you. Typically, you can expect to find these models priced somewhere between ₦170,000 to ₦185,000. Now, remember, this is just an estimate, so the actual price might differ based on various factors. Factors like the condition of the phone, any additional accessories included, and even the seller’s negotiation skills can all play a role in determining the final price. So, when you’re out there hunting for the perfect iPhone XR, keep these factors in mind. Don’t forget to bargain a bit too – you might just snag a better deal than expected. And always make sure to inspect the device thoroughly before making any commitments. So, whether you’re upgrading your current phone or diving into the Apple ecosystem for the first time, finding the right iPhone XR at the right price can make all the difference.

iPhone X Price in Nigeria (UK Used)

If you’re on the hunt for iPhone XRs, you might stumble upon iPhone Xs during your search. But hold up! The iPhone X stands apart from the XR, and that could mean a variance in price when you’re scouring the Nigerian market. Before you hit that buy button, it’s crucial to pinpoint the exact model you’re eyeing. This ensures you’re getting exactly what you want at the right price. So, what’s the deal with the iPhone X in Nigeria, especially when it’s UK used?

You see, the iPhone X, despite being a bit older than the XR, still packs quite a punch with its sleek design and impressive features. But as for its price tag in Nigeria, that can fluctuate depending on various factors like demand, condition, and seller preferences. So, when you’re navigating through listings and comparing prices, keep your eyes peeled for any discrepancies or bargains that might pop up.

Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to snagging the best deal on a tech gem like the iPhone X. So, whether you’re browsing online or hitting up local vendors, take the time to verify the model and assess its worth before sealing the deal. Your wallet—and your tech-savvy soul—will thank you for it in the long run.

iPhone XR 64gb Price (UK Used)

When it comes to acquiring a pre-owned iPhone XR 64GB in the UK, you’re often looking at the most budget-friendly option available. Typically, these models come at a range of prices, fluctuating between ₦140,000 to ₦160,000 in Nigeria. This makes it a feasible choice for many, especially considering the renowned quality and features iPhones are known for.

If you’re considering purchasing one, it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Assessing the condition of the device, including its battery health, screen condition, and any previous repairs, is crucial in making an informed decision. Sometimes, spending a bit more for a device in better condition can save you money in the long run by avoiding potential repair costs.

Additionally, verifying the authenticity of the device is paramount to avoid any scams or counterfeit products. Ensure that you’re purchasing from a reputable seller or platform, and request any necessary documentation or proof of purchase.

Ultimately, acquiring a UK used iPhone XR 64GB can be a wise investment for those looking for a reliable smartphone without breaking the bank. With its sleek design, advanced features, and the reliability that comes with the Apple brand, you can enjoy the benefits of owning an iPhone at a more affordable price point.

FAQs About iPhone XR Price in Nigeria (UK Used)

Is iPhone XR cheap in Nigeria?

Compared to brand new iPhones, UK used iPhone XRs are a more affordable option. However, there are other factors to consider like phone condition and warranty.

Where can I find the cheapest iPhone XR in Nigeria?

Jiji is a popular platform to find used iPhones, including iPhone XRs. You can also check online listings on jumia.com.ng (availability may vary) and brick-and-mortar stores like Slot.ng. Now, the cheapest choice isn’t always the greatest. Always prioritize the phone’s condition and functionality.

Is it better to buy a new or used iPhone XR?

When considering whether to purchase a new or used iPhone XR, the decision ultimately rests on your individual circumstances and preferences. If you prioritize having the latest technology and don’t mind investing a bit more, purchasing a new iPhone XR may be the best option for you. With a new device, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re the first owner, along with the warranty coverage and potential for extended support services.

On the other hand, if you’re working within a tighter budget or simply prefer to save money where you can, opting for a used iPhone XR could be a wise choice. You’ll likely find that used models are significantly cheaper than their brand-new counterparts, allowing you to enjoy many of the same features and functionalities at a fraction of the cost. Plus, with the abundance of reputable sellers and platforms available, you can shop around to find a used iPhone XR in excellent condition.

However, it’s essential to approach the purchase of a used device with caution. Take the time to thoroughly inspect the phone for any signs of wear and tear, and ensure that it’s been properly tested and refurbished if necessary. Additionally, be sure to consider factors such as the device’s battery health and any potential limitations in terms of software updates and compatibility.

In summary, whether you choose to buy a new or used iPhone XR depends on your budget, priorities, and willingness to take on potential risks.

How much RAM does the iPhone XR have?

The iPhone XR has 3GB of RAM.

Why is the iPhone XR so cheap?

The iPhone XR is a few generations old compared to the latest iPhones, which contributes to its lower price. However, it’s still a capable phone with a good camera and long battery life.

What kind of iPhone is XR?

The iPhone XR is a mid-range iPhone released in 2018. It offers a large display, a powerful A12 Bionic chip, and a good single-lens rear camera system.

How much is iPhone XR without Face ID in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, a malfunctioning Face ID wouldn’t necessarily be reflected in the advertised price. It’s important to test the phone’s functionality, including Face ID, before purchasing a used iPhone XR.

What colors does iPhone XR come in Nigeria?

The colors available for iPhone XRs in Nigeria may vary depending on stock at retailers. However, common colors include black, white, red, blue, coral, and yellow.

Is iPhone XR beautiful?

Beauty is subjective! The iPhone XR has a sleek design and comes in various vibrant colors. Ultimately, whether you find it beautiful depends on your personal taste.

Does iPhone XR have black?

Yes, black is one of the color options available for the iPhone XR.

What is the new iPhone XR product?

The iPhone XR was released in 2018 and is not a new product. Apple releases new iPhones every year, with the iPhone 13 being the latest model as of April 2024.

Does iPhone XR have fingerprint?

No, the iPhone XR relies on Face ID for unlocking and authentication.

What does iPhone XR mean?

There’s no official explanation of what “XR” specifically stands for in iPhone XR. Some speculate it might refer to “eXtended Range” due to the phone’s longer battery life compared to previous iPhones.

Is iPhone XR waterproof?

The iPhone XR is water-resistant but not waterproof. It can withstand accidental spills and splashes, but it’s not recommended for submerging in water.

Is iPhone XR camera good?

The iPhone XR has a good single-lens rear camera system that takes decent photos in most lighting conditions. However, it doesn’t have some features like the telephoto lens found on higher-end iPhones.

Is XR bigger than XS Max?

No, the iPhone XS Max has a slightly larger display than the iPhone XR.

Is iPhone XR 5G?

Nope, the iPhone XR can’t do 5G.

Is iPhone XR dual sim?

Some iPhone XR models support dual SIM functionality with a physical nano-SIM card and an eSIM. However, not all models have this capability, so it’s important to check the specifications before purchasing.

Is iPhone XR after 11?

No, the iPhone XR was released in 2018, while the iPhone 11 came out in 2019.

Which is better iPhone XR or XS?

The iPhone XS has a higher resolution display, a dual-lens rear camera system, and a more premium stainless steel build compared to the iPhone XR. However, the iPhone XR is generally more affordable.

Why is iPhone 11 more expensive than XR?

The iPhone 11 has some improvements over the iPhone XR, such as a wider dual-lens rear camera system and a higher screen resolution. These advancements can contribute to the price difference.

Which camera is better XR or 11?

The iPhone 11 has a wider dual-lens rear camera system that offers more versatility than the single-lens system on the iPhone XR.

Which is bigger iPhone 11 or XR?

The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR have the same size display (6.1 inches).

What is special about iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR offered a larger display and a powerful A12 Bionic chip at a more affordable price point compared to the iPhone XS and XS Max when it was released.

Can iPhone 11 and XR use the same case?

Yes, the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR have the same dimensions, so they can use the same cases.

What can the iPhone 11 do that the iPhone XR can’t?

The iPhone 11 has a wider dual-lens rear camera system that allows for features like Night mode photography and ultrawide shots, which are not available on the iPhone XR.


Finding the perfect iPhone XR in Nigeria can involve some research and consideration of your budget and priorities. Whether you choose a UK used model or decide to explore other options, hopefully, this guide has helped you navigate the iPhone XR market in Nigeria.