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New MTN Night Plan 2024: How To Activate

MTN, Nigeria’s leading mobile network, understands that staying connected doesn’t always have to break the bank. That’s why they offer a variety of night plans specifically designed for those who want to browse, chat, and stream without worrying about running out of data or spending a fortune.

MTN night plans are perfect for anyone who loves to stay up late, whether you’re a:

  • Budget-conscious user: Tired of expensive data bundles? Night plans offer incredible value, letting you enjoy hours of online fun for just a few Naira.
  • Student: Need to catch up on lectures, download study materials, or connect with friends online? Night plans give you the data you need without draining your day budget.
  • Night owl: Do most of your online activities happen after dark? Take advantage of the quiet hours with unlimited browsing or generous data allowances at super affordable prices.

So, ditch the data worries and unlock a world of nighttime possibilities with MTN night plans! Stay tuned for the next section where we’ll dive deeper into the different options available and how to choose the perfect plan for you.

MTN Night Plan

MTN Night Plan Options

MTN offers a variety of night plans to suit your browsing needs and budget. Whether you’re a casual late-night scroller or a heavy downloader, there’s a plan for you! Here’s a breakdown of the different options:

Pay-as-you-go: Perfect for occasional use, these plans offer small data bundles at affordable prices:

  • 500MB for ₦50: Valid for 1 night (11 PM to 6 AM). Great for checking emails, social media, or light browsing.
  • 250MB for ₦25: Valid for 1 night. Ideal for quick tasks like checking messages or news updates.

Weekly and Monthly Plans: Enjoy more data for extended browsing with these multi-day options:

  • 450MB Weekly (120MB Day + 330MB Night): ₦120. Get the best of both worlds with some data for daytime use and a bigger chunk for nighttime activities.
  • 15GB Monthly: ₦1,500. Perfect for heavy data users who want to stream, download, and browse freely at night.

Broadband Night Plans: Share the data love with these larger bundles designed for multiple devices:

  • 90GB Night: ₦3,500. Valid for 30 days. Get a massive 90GB for nighttime use, ideal for families or shared Wi-Fi setups.
  • 150GB Night: ₦5,000. Valid for 30 days. Boasting a whopping 150GB, this plan caters to serious downloaders and heavy internet users.

Plan Comparison Table:

Plan TypeData AllowanceValidityPrice
Pay-as-you-go (500MB)500MB1 night₦50
Pay-as-you-go (250MB)250MB1 night₦25
Weekly (450MB)120MB Day + 330MB Night7 days₦120
Monthly (15GB)15GB (Night only)30 days₦1,500
Broadband Night (90GB)90GB (Night only)30 days₦3,500
Broadband Night (150GB)150GB (Night only)30 days₦5,000

Remember: All plans are valid from 11 PM to 6 AM only. Choose the option that best fits your data needs and budget, and enjoy worry-free browsing through the night!

How to Subscribe to MTN Night Plans:

Choosing the right night plan depends on your data needs and budget. Here’s how to easily subscribe to each option:

1. Pay-As-You-Go Plans:

  • 50 Naira Night Plan: Dial *406# and choose option 4 (“Night Plan”). This gives you 500MB for just 50 Naira, valid from 11 PM to 6 AM. No internet access outside these hours.
  • 200MB Daily Plan: Dial *131# and select option 1 (“Data Bundles”). Choose “Night & Weekend Plan” and then “200MB Daily.” This plan offers 50MB usable all day and 150MB from 12 AM to 5 AM, valid for 24 hours.

2. Broadband Bundle Plans:

  • 90GB Night Plan: Visit the MTN website ( or use the MTN app to subscribe. This plan provides 90GB usable from 12 AM to 7 AM, with an additional 2GB per night if you exhaust the main bundle. It’s valid for 30 days.
  • 150GB Night Plan: Similar to the 90GB plan, subscribe online or through the app. This option offers 150GB for nighttime use (12 AM to 7 AM) and 3GB extra per night after finishing the main data. It’s also valid for 30 days.


By default, MTN night plans don’t auto-renew. However, you can choose to activate auto-renewal for convenience. Just follow the same steps as subscribing, but select the “Auto-renew” option when available. Remember, this means your plan will automatically renew using your airtime balance when it expires.

Important Notes:

  • Night plan data is only usable within Nigeria.
  • Make sure you have enough airtime balance to cover the subscription cost.
  • Data usage outside the specified time window will be charged at regular rates.

MTN Night Plan FAQs:

1. What time does the night plan start and end?

The MTN Night Plan starts at 11 PM and ends at 6 AM every night.

2. Can I use the night plan data during the day?

No, the night plan data is only valid between 11 PM and 6 AM. Any data used outside these hours will be deducted from your regular data plan.

3. What happens if I exhaust my data allowance before 6 am?

Once you use up your entire night plan data, any further internet usage will be charged from your regular data plan at the normal rate.

4. Can I share the night plan data with other devices?

No, the night plan data is only valid for the SIM card used for subscription. It cannot be shared with other devices through tethering or any other means.

5. How can I check my remaining data balance?

Dial *131*4# to check your remaining night plan data balance.

6. How do I unsubscribe from the night plan?

There is no automatic renewal for the night plan. If you don’t want to use it again, you don’t need to unsubscribe. The data allowance expires at 6 AM automatically.

7. Are there any hidden charges or fees associated with the night plan?

No, the night plan price is fixed and there are no hidden charges. The advertised price is what you pay.

8. Can I use the night plan for streaming or downloading?

Yes, you can use the night plan for streaming and downloading as long as it stays within the validity period and data allowance.

9. What if I encounter any problems with the night plan?

If you face any issues with the night plan, call MTN customer care at 180 or visit their website for assistance.

10. Does the night plan work nationwide in Nigeria?

Yes, the MTN Night Plan is available and works nationwide in Nigeria.

Conclusion: Sleep soundly, browse freely with MTN Night Plan!

Remember those late-night downloads that ate into your data? With MTN Night Plan, those worries are a thing of the past! Enjoy incredible savings and browse freely from 11 PM to 6 AM with options ranging from affordable 50MB bundles to massive 150GB plans. Whether you’re a casual scroller or a hardcore downloader, there’s a perfect fit for you.

Ready to unlock endless possibilities under the moonlight? Subscribe to MTN Night Plan today and share your experience in the comments below! We’d love to hear how it’s transformed your nighttime browsing.

Looking for more data solutions? Check out our other blog posts for tips on managing your data usage, exploring different data plans in Nigeria, and staying safe online. Sweet dreams and happy browsing!

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