Where is Palmpay Office Located? PalmPay Office Locations in Nigeria.

Palmpay Office Nigeria

Where is Palmpay Office Located? Your Guide to Finding a Branch.

Ever need to visit a PalmPay office in person? Maybe you have a question that can’t be resolved through the app or you prefer face-to-face interaction.

This guide will be your one-stop shop for everything related to PalmPay office locations in Nigeria.

Where is PalmPay Office Located?

PalmPay currently has a limited number of physical offices in Nigeria. Their headquarters is located in Lagos, but they do have a presence in a few other major cities.

PalmPay Headquarters Location

The main PalmPay office, which is also their headquarters, is situated in Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling commercial center.

Where is PalmPay Head Office Located in Lagos?

The address for the PalmPay headquarters is 20 Opebi Rd, Lagos. Their opening hours are typically weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, so you can plan your visit accordingly.

PalmPay Offices in Does PalmPay Have Offices Outside Lagos?

While Lagos is home to PalmPay’s headquarters, you might be wondering if there are PalmPay offices in other Nigerian cities. Yes, but there are conditions. Here’s a breakdown of cities with PalmPay offices:

  • Benin City

Currently, there isn’t confirmation of a dedicated PalmPay office in Benin City.

  • Abuja

Yes, there is a PalmPay office in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

  • Ogun State

Information on a dedicated PalmPay office in Ogun State is currently unavailable.

  • Ibadan

There is a PalmPay office in Ibadan, another major Nigerian city.

  • Port Harcourt

For those in the southern Nigerian city of Port Harcourt, you’ll be happy to know there’s a PalmPay office there.

  • Other Nigerian Cities (Limited Availability)

PalmPay’s physical presence is expanding, and they might have offices in other cities like Kaduna, Ikeja, Aba, Akure, Enugu, Uyo, Owerri, Ikorodu, and even Ilorin, though availability might be limited.

Finding a PalmPay Office Near You

The absence of a comprehensive list of PalmPay offices across Nigeria makes finding the nearest branch a bit of a challenge. Here’s what you can do:

  • Contact PalmPay Directly

Reach out to PalmPay’s customer service through the app or their website. They should be able to confirm the nearest office location to you.

  • Search Online

A quick Google search with “PalmPay office near me” might lead you to results for authorized agents or kiosks that can provide limited services.


Remember, while physical locations are convenient, PalmPay offers a user-friendly app that allows you to manage your account, make transactions, and access customer support from the comfort of your own home.

So, if visiting a branch isn’t absolutely necessary, the app can be a great alternative.