How to Cancel Unwanted Subscription on MTN (Airtime, Code 2024)

How to Cancel Unwanted Subscription on MTN

Learn how to cancel unwanted subscription on MTN fast.

Ever felt that sinking feeling when you realize your phone bill is higher than usual?

It might be because of unwanted MTN airtime subscriptions silently draining your credit.

But fear not!

There are several ways to take back control and stop these MTN subscriptions in their tracks.

This guide will equip you with all the information and codes you need to cancel unwanted MTN airtime subscriptions with ease.

1. Cancel Unwanted MTN Subscription Using USSD Codes

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are a convenient way to manage your MTN account directly from your phone. Here’s how to use them to cancel unwanted subscriptions:

  1. Dial *123*4*5# on your phone. This code will bring you to the MTN Mobile Menu.
  2. You’ll see a list of options. Reply with 1 for “Data plan”.
  3. Now, things can get a little tricky. Depending on the version of the Mobile Menu you have, you might see an option for “Manage your data bundle”. If you do, select that option (usually by replying with 11). Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  4. If you didn’t see “Manage your data bundle” in the previous step, reply with 3 for “Active subscriptions”.
  5. You’ll now see a list of all your currently active subscriptions. Identify the one you want to cancel and note down the corresponding number next to it.
  6. Reply with the number corresponding to the unwanted subscription.
  7. Finally, confirm your choice by replying with 1 for “Unsubscribe”.

Phew! You’ve successfully cancelled your unwanted subscription using a USSD code.

2. How to Cancel Unwanted Subscription on MTN Through the MTN App

If you prefer a more visual interface, the MTN app is another great option for managing your subscriptions.

  1. Download and install the MTN app on your smartphone if you haven’t already.
  2. Open the app and log in using your MTN phone number and password.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the section for managing your subscriptions. This might be labelled “Services,” “My Account,” or something similar. Where you find it may change based on the app version.
  4. Within the subscription management section, you’ll see a list of all your active subscriptions.
  5. Find the unwanted subscription you want to cancel and tap on it.
  6. You should see an option to “Unsubscribe” or “Deactivate” the subscription. Tap on that option.
  7. Confirm your choice by following any on-screen prompts.

Simple as that! You’ve used the MTN app to cancel your unwanted subscription.

3. Deactivating Subscriptions on MTN via SMS

For those who prefer a quick text message solution, you can also deactivate some MTN subscriptions by sending an SMS to a designated shortcode. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This method might not work for all types of subscriptions. It’s generally effective for content subscriptions or third-party services.
  • To find the specific deactivation code for your subscription, you’ll need to refer to the activation message you received when you initially subscribed. This message often includes instructions on how to unsubscribe.
  • You can try sending “STOP” to the shortcode you received the activation message from.

Let’s say you receive a message from “FunZone” asking you to reply with “START” to subscribe to their service. To unsubscribe, you can try texting “STOP” to the same shortcode.

Important Note: This method might not always be successful, and the deactivation code can vary depending on the subscription provider.

This covers the main methods for cancelling unwanted MTN airtime subscriptions.

Additional Methods for Cancelling Subscriptions (if applicable)

While USSD codes, the MTN app, and SMS are the primary methods for cancelling MTN subscriptions, there might be a couple of other avenues to consider depending on the specific subscription or if you’re facing difficulties with the previous methods.

  • Contacting MTN Customer Care: If you’re struggling to cancel a subscription through the methods mentioned earlier, MTN customer care representatives are available to assist you. You can reach them by:
    • Calling the MTN customer care line (dial 180 on your MTN line).
    • Using the “Chat with Us” option on the MTN website.
  • MTN Website: While the MTN website might not have a dedicated section for managing subscriptions directly, it can be a helpful resource for finding information about specific subscriptions and their deactivation methods. You might find FAQs or support articles that provide the exact steps or shortcodes needed to cancel a particular service.

Important Considerations When Cancelling Subscriptions

Keep these in mind when cancelling MTN subscriptions:

  • Auto-Renewal: Many subscriptions come with auto-renewal enabled by default. This means they’ll automatically renew at the end of the subscription period unless you manually cancel them. Be sure to check the auto-renewal settings when you subscribe to a service and disable it if you don’t want recurring charges.
  • Confirmation Messages: After cancelling a subscription, you should receive a confirmation message from MTN. This message will typically confirm the deactivation and inform you when the charges will stop.
  • Timeframe for Deactivation: It’s important to note that deactivating a subscription might not take effect immediately. There might be a slight delay, depending on the service. However, you shouldn’t be charged any further fees after confirming the cancellation.

Now, you should be able to effectively manage your MTN subscriptions and avoid unwanted airtime deductions.