How to Transfer Data on 9mobile

How to Transfer Data on 9mobile in Nigeria (Like a Pro!)

Hey there! Ever run out of data just when you need it most? Don’t worry, 9mobile has a handy feature that lets you share your data blessings with friends and family. It’s called data transfer, and it’s super easy to use, even if you’re not a tech whiz.

Simple Method to Transfer Data on 9mobile

USSD Code*229*PIN*Data Volume*9mobile Number#*229*1234*100MB*08091234567# (don’t include the MB)
SMSTransfer [PIN] [Amount] [Recipient’s Number]Transfer 1234 100MB 08091234567 (exclude the MB)

Now, let’s dive into the details!

Using the USSD Code:

1. Change your default PIN: Before you start transferring, change your default PIN (which is usually 0000) for security reasons. Dial *247*0000*New PIN#, where “New PIN” is your chosen 4-digit code.

2. Dial the magic code: Open your phone’s dialer and enter 229 followed by your new PIN, the amount of data you want to transfer (e.g., 50MB), and the recipient’s 9mobile number. For example, to send 50MB to 08091234567 with PIN 1234, dial *229*1234*50*08091234567#.

3. Confirm and send: Press 1 to confirm the transfer and hit send. You’ll receive a confirmation message if it’s successful.

Using SMS:

1. Craft your message: Open your messaging app and compose a new message. Type “Transfer” followed by your PIN, the amount of data, and the recipient’s 9mobile number, with spaces in between. For example, to send 100MB to 08091234567 with PIN 1234, type “Transfer 1234 100MB 08091234567”.

2. Send it off: Send the message to 229. You should get message that tell you whether the transfer is successful or not.


  • There’s a small service charge for each transfer, so keep that in mind.
  • You can only transfer data to other 9mobile numbers.
  • Make sure you have enough data balance to cover the transfer and the service charge.
  • Check your data balance after transferring to confirm it went through.

Bonus Tips:

  • Need to share data with more than one person? Check out 9mobile’s Family Share plan to allocate data to up to 5 lines!
  • Want to use the same data plan on multiple devices? The Multi-device Plan is your friend.
  • Having trouble transferring data? Contact 9mobile customer care for assistance.

Troubleshooting Data Transfer Issues on 9mobile

Transferring data should be smooth sailing, but sometimes things might not go as planned. Don’t panic! Here are some common issues and how to solve them:

1. “Invalid PIN” Error:

  • Double-check that you entered the correct PIN, including uppercase and lowercase letters if applicable.
  • If you recently changed your PIN, ensure you’re using the new one.
  • Remember, the default PIN is usually 0000, but change it for security reasons!

2. “Insufficient Balance” Error:

  • Make sure you have enough data balance to cover the transfer amount and the service charge.
  • Check your data balance by dialing *228# or using the 9mobile app.
  • Top up your data if needed before attempting the transfer again.

3. “Transfer Failed” Error:

  • Check if the recipient’s number is correct and entered in the proper format (080xxxxxxxxxx).
  • Ensure the recipient has an active 9mobile line.
  • Restart your phone. Yes, to see if it resolves the issue.
  • If the problem persists, contact 9mobile customer care for further assistance.

4. Other Potential Issues:

  • Network issues might sometimes cause disruptions. Try again later in a different location with good signal strength.
  • Outdated software on your phone can lead to compatibility problems. Consider updating your phone’s software to the latest version.


  • Always keep your 9mobile app updated for the latest features and troubleshooting options.
  • 9mobile customer care is available 24/7 to assist you with any data transfer issues. Dial 200 or use the 9mobile app to reach them.

Beyond Data Transfer: Exploring Other Sharing Options

While data transfer is a handy tool, 9mobile offers other options for sharing your data goodness:

1. Family Share: This plan lets you allocate a portion of your data to up to 5 9mobile lines within your family. It’s perfect for managing data usage for everyone under one roof.

  • To activate: Dial *917# and purchase any desired standard data plan.
  • To share: Dial 2299pindata quotarecipient’s number3# or access it through the 9mobile app.

2. Multi-device Plan: Craving the same data plan on multiple devices? This plan allows you to add up to 5 secondary SIMs to your primary SIM, sharing the same data allowance.

  • Activate: Visit the nearest 9mobile experience center.
  • Manage: Use the 9mobile app to track data usage and manage devices on your plan.

By understanding these different options, you can choose the best way to share your data and stay connected with loved ones or manage your devices efficiently.

FAQs about the 9mobile Data Transfer

How do I transfer data on 9mobile?

To transfer data on 9mobile, dial *229*PIN*Volume of Data in MB*Recipient’s Number# and press the send button. Ensure you have the correct PIN and the recipient is on the 9mobile network.

What is the default PIN for data transfer on 9mobile?

By default, the PIN for data transfer on 9mobile is 0000. However, for security reasons, it is advisable to change this PIN to a more personalized and secure one.

How can I change my data transfer PIN on 9mobile?

To change your data transfer PIN on 9mobile, dial *247*Old PIN*New PIN# and press the send button. Ensure your old PIN is correctly entered before setting a new one.

Can I transfer data from 9mobile to other networks?

No, data transfer on 9mobile is limited to subscribers on the 9mobile network. You cannot transfer data to users on other mobile networks.

Is there a maximum data transfer limit for me on 9mobile?

Yes, there’s a maximum amount of data you can send or receive on 9mobile. You can transfer between 10MB and 50MB per transaction, and the maximum transfer limit per day is 200MB.

How do I check my 9mobile data balance?

To check your 9mobile data balance, dial *228# and press the send button. You will receive a notification with details of your remaining data balance.

Can I transfer data without a PIN on 9mobile?

No, a PIN is mandatory for data transfer on 9mobile. It adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized data transfers. Always keep your PIN confidential.

What should I do if my data transfer on 9mobile fails?

If your data transfer on 9mobile fails, double-check the recipient’s number, ensure there is sufficient balance, and verify that your data transfer PIN is correct. If the issue persists, contact 9mobile customer support.

Is there a charge for data transfer on 9mobile?

Yes, there is a service charge for data transfer on 9mobile. A nominal fee is deducted from your account balance for each successful data transfer transaction.

Can I transfer data on 9mobile without a smartphone?

Yes, you can transfer data on 9mobile without a smartphone. As long as your mobile phone allows you to enter USSD codes, you can initiate data transfers by dialing the specified code.

So, there you have it! This guide has equipped you with the knowledge and tools to transfer data on 9mobile like a pro and explore other data sharing options. Remember, sharing is caring, and with 9mobile, sharing your data blessings is easier than ever!

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